Progress, Presentation Video, and Slides

Wednesday 06 June 2012

A couple of weeks ago I gave a talk at the London Node User Group. I thought it went pretty well and the reaction both in person and on twitter afterwards seemed pretty positive.

The video and slides are now available online.

LNUG May 2012 - Matthew Sackman from Forward Technology on Vimeo.

Recently I've really been doing general improvements, tidying up of the code and refactorings. Possibly not any exciting new features, but the basic code is in much better shape and is much much closer to properly enforcing the properties of JavaScript than before (e.g. things like only being able to delete properties that are marked configurable etc). Also a fairly major bug in the way retry was implemented has been found and fixed, and I've done a fair amount of testing with the translation tool and generally trying to ensure that the claims that I make about compatibility really are bourne out in practise. Of course, IE is the most challenging target, but it is on the whole managable (at least, up-to-date versions of IE are).

All of which means that I've bumped the versions of both the client and server to 0.4.9. Hopefully after some more testing and minor bug fixes I should be able to either move to a 0.5.0 or maybe even go to 0.9.0 to target a possible 1.0.0 release. Thus any feedback, comments, questions or bug reports are very eagerly requested!